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Ed Slott, CPA

America's IRA Expert

Expert named “The Best” source for IRA advice by the Wall Street Journal.

Presentation Times

  • Jan 30th 5:30pm

Mary Beth Franklin, CFP

Social Security & Medicare

Author and expert on social security and medicare.

Presentation Times:

  • Jan 29th 6:30pm
  • Jan 30th 3:30pm
  • Jan 31st 3:30pm
  • Feb 1st 10:30am

Tom Hegna

Top Retirement Income Expert

Iconic speaker and expert in retirement income who has dedicated his career to helping retirees obtain a happily ever after retirement.

Presentation Times

  • Jan 29th 4:30pm
  • Jan 30th 1:30pm

Moshe Milevsky, Ph.D

Annuities & Longevity

A tenured professor at Schulich School of Business at York University, recognized at top retirement thought leader and has published over 12 books on retirement income.

Presentation Times

  • Jan 29th 2:30pm

Robert Siciliano

Identity Protection

Expert on Protecting your most valuable asset–your identity!

Presentation Times

  • Jan 30th 10:30am
  • Jan 31st 1:30pm
  • Feb 1st 4:00pm

Laurie Orlov

Technology & Seniors

One of nation’s foremost industry analysts on technology trends that affect seniors.

Presentation Times

  • Jan 31st 5:30pm
  • Feb 1st 1:30pm



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