Come learn a “wealth” of knowledge about retirement, insurance, and tax strategies.

At the heart of Parady Financial Group, Inc. is an exciting, always bustling, education driven information center that we call our Parady Learning Lounge®. It is our home for existing and prospective clients to be kept up to date and continuously educated about strategies and topics affecting retirement.

Serving as an ongoing supplemental retirement information venue, the Lounge is fashioned as a comfortable learning venue that holds events on a continuous basis. Our investment in education, and more education has helped us become one of the largest and fastest-growing independent financial companies in the nation—proof that people want to continue making informed and educated financial decisions about their retirement. We continuously assemble a dream team of financial experts from around the country who will share their knowledge and expertise in a wide range of topics.


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There are three stages to the informative process



We also host quarterly reviews, which we call Parady State of the Nations, featuring talks on the overall state of the insurance industry, the economy, new products and financial strategies as well as upcoming Parady events. We also keep current and prospective clients up to date on any changes or expansions that are occurring at Parady. We have special sessions for when we want to communicate to a specific group of clients information about opportunities they may want to consider. Communication is the absolute key to any successful relationship and we feel we have created a unique way to ensure communication never breaks down between our clients and us.



Wealth Summits

The firm often brings in renowned speakers to talk about specific topics. Among the financial industry experts we have hosted are Ed Slott, named “The Best Source for IRA Advice” by The Wall Street Journal, who speaks about the complexities of IRA’s; Robert Siciliano, CSP, security expert, bestselling author and CEO of; Tom Hegna, author of “Don’t Worry, Retire Happy!: Seven Steps to Retirement Security”; Mary Beth Franklin, CFP® -Author of “Maximizing Social Security Retirement Benefits and nationally recognized expert in Social Security claiming strategies, Medicare and taxes; and Moshe Milevsky Ph.D — Author of “The 7 Most Important Equations for Your Retirement: The Fascinating People and Ideas Behind Planning Your Retirement Income.“




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