Dear Friends:

I’m very excited to announce that I have almost completed the first draft of my second book, tentatively titled: Retirement, Action Plan! How to Make Your Next 10 Your Best 10! I will have a lot more details on the book as I work to finalize the product. I appreciate all of you for helping me to be successful and allowing Parady Financial Group to serve your retirement needs.

I need your help on the last phases of the production – I need your photos!!! To motivate you… we are having a Parady “My Life, My Way” photo contest or “Our Life, Our Way” photo contest. We need photos of Parady Clients in Parady caps, shirts, jackets and visors, etc. Any photo that demonstrates how you are living “Your Life, Your Way” doing everything you can to make your NEXT 10 years, your BEST 10 years in retirement!!

Over the years I have received numerous photos of many of you with Parady wearables on cruise ships holding handmade signs that say, “Our Life, Our Way”. I have also enjoyed seeing Parady backpacks and water bottles on hiking trips in mountains and in places like Costa Rica! The “contest” will run from now until June 1st! Any previous photos you have previously sent can be re-submitted!

We will have 1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes for this contest and we will be sharing the prizes very soon! Our goal is to help people imagine a bigger and brighter retirement future, to help them make their NEXT 10 years the very BEST 10 years!! With your help we think we can help change people’s lives for the better!

Thank you for all you do for us and we look forward to enjoying your photos!!! Please email your photos to or feel free to drop them by either Parady locations.




Greg Parady, CEO