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Let's face it, we live in volatile and uncertain times economically, politically, and financially. Retirement strategies of the past won't get the job done in today's landscape. The Retirement Insights Series will help you gain the knowledge you need about sound retirement strategies that will last a lifetime.

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Not Your Parent's Retirement Take the Plastic Off Retirement Game Plan Annuities Decoding Taxes
Not Your Parent's Retirement

Book 1:

Not your Parent's Retirement: Strategies for an Evolving World

This eBook discusses the evolving retirement landscape and what you need to know to financially navigate this new landscape.

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Take the Plastic Off

Book 2:

Take the Plastic Off: Have Confidence in Retirement

Many retirees are afraid to spend money, and instead of living their best life possible during their final years, they find themselves living in a constant state of worry.

This eBook will help you learn why you can enjoy your retirement and spend your money without fear.

Retirement Game Plan

Book 3:

Retirement Game Plan: Prepared for Overtime

This fun ebook will teach you the three main stages of retirement and help you learn how to strategize for each of these stages. 

There are different fears and concerns in each of the stages, and you will need a strategy in place for each stage in order to have true peace of mind


Book 4:

Annuities: How to Choose & When to Use

Annuities can be complex. In this ebook we break down the complexities and explain them in simple terms. 

You’ll learn how to pick the best annuities for you just like picking the right golf club to use.

Decoding Taxes

Book 5:

Decoding Taxes: Keeping What's Yours

You have worked hard your entire life and you shouldn’t have to pay more than you owe in taxes.

In this ebook we will educate you on effective tax strategies and how to ensure that you pay your fair share, but no more.

Meet the Author Greg Parady

From the beginning, Greg has focused his practice on addressing the complexities associated with wealth preservation and wealth distribution for conservative minded retirees. He is general ly considered by his peers to be a pioneer in the field of income planning by maximizing the living benefits of annuities and life insurance.

Greg is well known for his philanthropy, and fundraising efforts within the community.

Watch the video to learn more about Greg's why behind everything he does.

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About Parady Financial Group, Inc

Our philosophy is to empower our clients to make informed decisions about financial strategies and products—before they buy them. Our education based sales process is so popular that we now have TWO dedicated Retirement Learning Lounge venues. The Learning Lounge at Brownwood, and The Learning Lounge at Colony makes it convenient and easy to learn on your schedule, and at your own pace. Remember, it's time to start living your life, your way!!!


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