Retirement Strategies
You Can Rely On

Since 2001, Parady Financial has specialized in helping clients protect their assets and make them last! This well-respected retirement services firm is led by Greg Parady, considered by industry peers as the #1 income and annuity professional in the country!


We are a relationship company with a responsibility to provide clients with information that empowers each of them to make financial decisions based on their individual needs.


Over 27 years of building retirement strategies for conservative-minded adults, with career sales exceeding $1 Billion in annuities.


Continuously educating staff with an elite level of specialized knowledge of how to leverage retirement assets to last a lifetime.

A Pioneer in
Income Planning

Greg Parady is admired as one of the best in the field of income planning for maximizing the living benefits of annuities and life insurance. Even more impressive are the wonderful relationships he and his team have built with their clients.

Greg is well known for his philanthropy and fundraising efforts, raising over $2 million for the needs of the community.

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Parady Brownwood Office

Our Mission and Values

Parady Financial Group, Inc. is a financial service firm that has helped thousands of clients achieve peace of mind by designing personalized retirement strategies.

Our philosophy is based on our goal to empower you to live “your life, your way” via an information-rich culture. With a wide range of educated financial services professionals, we seek to maximize the living benefits of life insurance and annuities to establish guaranteed income for life and create a tax-efficient retirement.

Investing in Education

At the heart of Parady Financial Group, Inc. is an exciting, always bustling, seminar-driven information center that we call our Parady Learning Lounge®.

We are one of the fastest-growing independent financial companies in the nation—proof that people want to continue making informed and educated financial decisions about their retirement.

Parady Learning Lounge
Smart Consumers

Education at Your Fingertips

Smart consumers do their research, and we appreciate nothing more than an inquisitive mind!

Read our monthly blog articles covering a wide range of retirement services topics or request a FREE copy of our book, “Unstress & Untax” or “Your Life, Your Way”.

Unstress & Untax Book

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Unstress & Untax Your Retirement

by Greg Parady

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